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Creating opportunities for every young person in Scotland.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced two new incentives to increase apprenticeships and create opportunities for young people

The Apprenticeship Employer Grant will support employers them taking on young people and apprenticeship opportunities.

The grant will provide:

  • £5,000 for employers taking on or upskilling a 16 to 24-year old apprentice, and for those aged up to 29 years who are disabled, care leavers and Minority Ethnic

  • £3,500 for employers taking on or upskilling an apprentice aged 25 plus

The next incentive is, the Pathway Apprenticeships will provide a new route into the workplace.

Created for school-leavers up to 18-years-old who might be facing fewer options due to the economic impact of COVID-19, around 1,200 opportunities will be available to young people in the first phase.

The First Minister said:

This pandemic has hit us hard – especially our young people

who are facing fewer opportunities. We must help this generation who have been caught so cruelly in the eye of the COVID-19 storm."

To read the full report and more information on how to register for any of the two schemes, visit:

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