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Kickstarting Careers in Construction

DYW Outer Hebrides has worked closely with the Nicolson Institute and local Construction Employers to engage young people in the industry through work experience and apprenticeships.

Joshua Smith

Joshua came to see his DYW Coordinator in the school and asked if they could arrange a joinery work experience placement. He had sent his CV round a few local employers and was looking for a work experience placement to strengthen his application.

Joshua went for a 2 week work experience placement with O’mac Construction Ltd and really enjoyed his time on site.

Mark at O’mac Construction said “Joshua Morrison first got in touch with us in October 2021 to note his interest in becoming an apprentice with O’Mac. His email was eloquent, polite and full of information about himself, this initial contact set him apart.”

“We asked that he keep in touch and once he had finished his exams and school he would be invited to do a couple of weeks work experience with an aim to starting his Carpentry & Joinery apprenticeship.”

“Joshua did just that, emailing in January, attaching a 45 page portfolio style document containing photographs of various woodwork projects that he had undertaken over the winter. He purchased tools using money he had made over the summer.”

“We interviewed him in February, he carried himself well, providing good answers to the questions asked. Mark asked him to confirm with his school and parents his last prelim dates to allow us to schedule in a 2 week work experience.”

“Starting on the 1st of March, Joshua completed 9 days work experience, after receiving approval from his teachers.”

“After receiving first rate feedback from his site supervisor, Joshua was then offered the apprenticeship with a start date of 16th May.”

“He has worked on the refurbishment of the former Knock School and his on-site supervisor has nothing but praise for him. He is polite but friendly and willing to do everything asked. I’m sure his as his apprenticeship an college placements get underway, his talents will flourish.”

William Langhorne

William Langhorne attended the Apprenticeship event organised by DYW at The Nicolson Institute and spoke to a couple of the employers particularly Lewis Builders about a bricklaying apprenticeship. Following on from this we organised a 2 week work experience placement for William at Lewis Builders.

After the first week William felt bricklaying was not for him so he was offered some work experience with the plumbers for his second week which he really enjoyed and he got on very well. He did an extra week of work experience over the holidays. William was offered a plumbing apprenticeship with Lewis Builders which he is delighted about.

Iain Macaskill from Lewis Builders said: “William spoke to us at a careers engagement event organised by DYW, and subsequently came with us for a period of Work Experience – during this period, William trialled Bricklaying and Plumbing, and it became very apparent that plumbing was his preference.

“The work experience ran into a holiday period, and William asked if he could stay on and gain more experience using his holiday period, and during this time – his commitment and determination shone through, leading to Lewis Builders offering him an apprenticeship in Plumbing. William has since left school, and has now embarked on his journey as an apprentice plumber.”

Liam Ross

Liam was referred to Rhona Gallagher by his Guidance teacher. Liam had put his CV round a few of the local employers and attended three interviews. He was keen to get an apprenticeship so Rhona organised a Joinery work experience placement with Neil Mackay & Co. Liam completed a 2 week work trial and off the back of that he was offered an apprenticeship with the company. Liam is getting on well on site and is due to start college in August.

Angus Morrison

Angus was keen to get some work experience as a Plant Operator and was referred to me as DYW coordinator. Angus Mackay & Sons Ltd were very keen to offer Angus a work experience placement with them. They were very accommodating as Angus was sitting his exams at the time we reached out to the company and they agreed to wait until Angus had completed his exams before he started his placement. Angus enjoyed his placement and got on very well with the all the other employees. He showed he was keen, diligent, and capable.

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