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"I have been enjoying the apprenticeship very much, I appreciate the opportunity I have been given and am grateful of the chance to do this through my work. My trainer helps to make things as easy as possible for me and is always available to support me."

Elena Adina Andrei, Professional Cookery

What were you doing before you started your apprenticeship?

I previously worked as a kitchen assistant in my local school canteen.


What made you want to do your apprenticeship?

A post became available in my workplace for a cook/supervisor, I applied and was successful on the basis that I would undertake a professional cookery qualification.  I began doing my qualification with the CNES Employability Pipeline under the modern apprenticeship programme.

How have you found your apprenticeship so far?

I have found it really good; I am broadening my knowledge.  I like meeting with my tutor and fellow cook every week online.  I find it really easy to fit in the coursework with my job and family life.

What tasks do you complete on an average day?

I supervise and lead a team of school meals staff, cook meals, order stock, process invoices, I manage the school meals payment system.  I am responsible for the day to day running of the school meals services in Castlebay School


What do you hope to do when you finish your apprenticeship?

I hope to be more confident in my job role and to apply my new learnt knowledge into practical duties within my workplace.  By enhancing the skills, I already have as cook/supervisor I will be able to share with others team members too.

What would you say to someone interested in the same apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend that others take up a Modern Apprenticeship in professional cookery, you are able to earn while you learn, it is so flexible and fits in with having young children. 


My apprenticeship has taught me…That learning new skills can help you pursue a new job role.


My apprenticeship has given me… the opportunity to gain a qualification while I still work in order for me to better my skills and career prospects

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