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Western Isles Employers Engage With Local Schools

Employers across the Western Isles have shown their commitment to Developing the Young Workforce with a series of sessions in the Nicolson Institute, Castlebay School, Sgoil Lionacleit and Sir E Scott.

This year's Scottish Careers Week saw DYW Outer Hebrides and SDS deliver virtual career information to Western Isles school pupils.

Samantha MacCormick and Christina Morrison from YPG employer Croft & Cuan spoke to third year pupils. Both gave a great overview of their own career paths and spoke of the steps they had taken to establish their own catering business.

S2 students from Sir E Scott were spoken to by Nigel Bruce from the Harris Voluntary Service, who talked about the Leverhulme Community Hub, explaining what is being done to try and reach the target of making it net zero.

The Leverhulme Community Hub was recently awarded £36,330 through the islands community fund to achieve their Net Zero Carbon aims.

On Monday 1st November Sgoil Lionacleit hosted an event specific to Construction and Engineering careers with the intention of increasing employer engagement with the young people in the school.

Young people with an interest in these careers were invited to attend an information afternoon led by representatives from each of the following companies: Stephen MacAulay from MacAulay Askernish Ltd, John Daniel Peteranna from Energee Services Ltd, Iain MacInnes from MacInnes Bros Ltd and Fraser MacDonald from MacDonald Firms Ltd.

Each company made a presentation which included their own company's background information as well as the training, development and career opportunities that they can provide. The young people found that this face-to-face engagement helped them to gain a clearer perspective of what is available within this particular area of employment including entry requirements and the wide range of pathways that are available for them to be able to gain access to their own career choice.

The representatives from each of the companies also had an opportunity to meet and discuss partnership working with William MacDonald (Director of Education), Gordon Young (Headteacher), Chloe Steele (DYW coordinator), Sharon Clark (Young Person's Guarantee) and Catriona MacKinnon (No One Left Behind) to build on the current partnership work already in place.

Iain Maciver from the West Harris Trust talking to S5 students

Donald Waring and Jayne MacKay from Mowi speaking to S1 students

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