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Careers Week - Food and Drink

Read how Alex Macleod and Keiron Cherrie launched their career in Food and Drink with the CNES Training Kitchen.

The CNES Training Team has taken ownership of the CNES cafeteria in the Sandwick Road Council Offices, allowing for young people to gain valuable catering and customer service work experience in a controlled environment.

Keiron Cherrie started in the Training Kitchen as a First Steps participant and has now progressed to the Kickstart scheme. Since joining the training kitchen Keiron has developed his cooking and customer service skills, finding a particular skill for baking.

Keiron Cherrie said:

“I had worked in places before but nowhere quite like this. The support from members of the team has been very good. It’s definitely improved my confidence; I couldn’t have served customers like I am now.
"I wouldn’t do well in a job interview so for me being able to show that I can do has been so much better then telling someone what I can do. I definitely want to carry on working in catering."

Alex Macleod was the first pre-employability candidate to join the training kitchen. She is a first steps candidate.

Since joining the team Alex and Keiron have helped cater for staff members visits from Jamie Hepburn MSP, Michael Gove MP and various Comhairle events.

Alex Macleod said:

“I didn’t think I would enjoy it; it wasn’t something I ever thought of doing when I was leaving school and deciding on my next step. Since I started, I’ve been cooking, baking, and serving customers but mostly I’ve enjoyed working with people, I’ve never really had the chance to speak to new people."
"It’s boosted my confidence so much, I think a career in this industry is for me. This has been a good introduction to work. The support has been vital, I don’t think I would have been able to start something like this without support from the training officers."

Training Kitchen supervisor Donna Morrison said:

“The training kitchen is a great asset, it’s a great place for young people to come into. It’s quite a quiet environment and breaks them in gently to the world of work. It brings out the skills of the young people and Alex and Keiron have shown that since they have come in. It’s a great place for young people that have low confidence. It builds them up at their own pace. Confidence comes with time, but this is a great start for them.”

If you would like to find out more about the training kitchen or other routes to start a career in Food and Drink please contact the Western Isles Employability Hub:

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