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Amey ‘Chat and Learn’

We have an exciting new opportunity at Amey to help inspire the next generation of young people called an Amey ‘Chat and Learn’.

This is the chance for everyone aged between 14-18 years old to request a 30 minute virtual 1-2-1 career talk with an Amey employee or for a teacher to request a group virtual career talk to a class.


• To inspire young people to take up STEM subjects and to pursue a career within this area

• To give young people the opportunity to reach out to some of our Amey employees, with the chance to ask them any questions

• Provide young people with the confidence and motivation to kickstart their career

• To give young people some direction in thinking about their careers

• To provide young people with the resources and tools needed to develop their essential skills

• To help young people understand the different opportunities and pathways into Amey (e.g. apprenticeships/degrees etc)

Who are Amey?

You may not have heard of us, but each day, practically everyone in the UK benefits from a service we provide. If you’ve had a hot shower, taken a train, driven to work or had your rubbish collected it’s pretty likely we helped with this.

Every household in Britain benefits from the work we do, from keeping schools secure, safe and clean; managing the UK’s national and regional transport infrastructure, to supporting the repatriation of UK Service families.

Our 16,000 employees keep core services running smoothly throughout the country across utilities, transport, engineering, justice, defence, environmental and waste services, and facilities management.

How does it work?

• The young person fills out the online form found on to let us know what area of the business they’re interested in (this form will also include their consent and Amey’s privacy policy for them to view)

• We will then connect the young person with an Amey employee for a 1-2-1 career talk through Microsoft Teams (if they don’t have Teams they can ask their parents or can download it on their phone/computer)

• All guidance will be sent to each individual prior to their Amey ‘Chat and Learn’

• The 1-2-1s are an opportunity for the young person to ask questions to help kickstart their careers

• After their ‘Chat and Learn’ they will be sent a feedback form to help us make relevant improvements

How is safeguarding managed?

• All Amey volunteers delivering the ‘Chat and Learn’ will receive a 2-page guidance document to understand the safeguarding processes we have put in place

• If a young person shows signs of vulnerability the Amey volunteer has been trained to let us know immediately

• If the young person is under 16 years old, the Amey volunteer will be DBS checked

• We will only use Microsoft Teams to host the virtual career talks

• We will not email the young person with any further communications without their consent

• The young person gives their consent when they request a ‘Chat and Learn’ through our online form (we have also included our privacy policy for them to view

To request a group virtual career talk delivered to a class or more information, please visit or contact

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